Romans 11:36

"For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.
To Him be the glory forever! Amen."

Jun 27, 2009

Gold medals


Today the Metodista Wildcats shut down the Arizona Wildcats (straight from the US of A) in the Ecobasket Costa Rica Championship, an elementary school basketball battle.

While I couldn't tell you the final score (due to the lack of a scoreboard), I know that we were up 15-4 at one point in the first half, and we were up by 20 heading into the fourth quarter.

Our full-court press and defense wore down the opposition, making up for our poor shooting percentage. I'm confident that we can learn to become more effective offensively, but for now I'm happy with our defensive mindset.

I initially thought I'd be the head coach for the championship, but our coach, Byron Villalobos, was able to make a last-second appearance at the game. Also helping to coach (though not pictured): my dear friend Wesley Wu. It was so great to have him at the game with me.

Costa Rica not only beats the US in soccer, they also beat them in basketball.

On Cloud Nine

Me, Kim, Alli, Hannah.

Intern Paradise. On top of the world. Costa Rica.

Jun 19, 2009

Colegio Campamentos

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to join the Methodist School students on two different overnight retreats.

First, I went with the 11th graders, the seniors, the big dogs on campus. They were all very reflective throughout their time at the retreat, and it was an inspiring event. Before dinner on the lone night we were there, the students took part in a reflection exercise, where they wrote down memories and thoughts about their time in the Colegio and about their friends. The exercise ended with all of the students--both girls and guys--embracing each other, kissing each other, hugging each other, and crying on each other. I was moved.

On the following morning, I gave a 40-minute message on love and confidence--the two things they should take with them to college. I used Colossians.

The second campamento I attended was for the 9th graders, a more rambunctious bunch. They lacked the ability to reflect deeply on their lives, but we weren't surprised. Where they overtook the 11th graders, however, was in their ability to completely involve themselves in everything we did. Their energy was contagious.

I gave another 40-minute message during their second morning at camp, but this one was on inward, not outward, thinking. The theme for their trip was Unity, and I tried to explain the truth behind unity: a lack of selfishness. I also used Colossians for that talk.

Two highlights from the campamentos: (1) I was able to pray for multiple students, and one 11th grader asked for me to pray for him specifically during our rollerskating session at the retreat (yeah, it was complete with disco music and everything) (2) One of the 9th graders told me that ever since I spoke at the school last year, he's been discovering God in new ways through the Bible and other Christian literature (because he figured he needed to know more about what he was denying). We'll now be meeting up on Fridays to discuss different books of the Bible that we'll be reading together--we're starting with Philippians.

The Methodist School is an incredible place, full of ministry opportunities. I'm thankful that the Lord has given me a chance to work with such intelligent students.